Mineral Mist: $28
This aromatherapy hydrating spray is best used after applying makeup to help set and give your skin a perfect glow. It can also be used throughout the day to refresh and uplift. This is an all natural spray whose main ingredients are Lavender, Sandalwood, Geranium, Sage, Palarose, Rosemary, and Green Tea. Get that Hollywood glow with just a couple sprays.
Hydra Essence Day Protection SPF 30: $30
The perfect daytime moisturizer for all seasons. Hydrating enough to keep the skin moist, with the right amount of SPF 30, which looks perfect under liquid or mineral makeup.
Peptoxyl Wrinkle Relaxing Night Creme: $55
Super hydrating night time moisturizer, great for anyone over the age of 20. This peptide powerhouse smoothes away surface wrinkles and frown lines, stimulating collagen and elastin production, so skin starts to rebuild itself from within.
Peptoxyl Eye Treatment: $30
The best eye cream on the market! Great value. This super hydrating eye creme looks perfect under makeup, and takes great care of the thinnest skin on your entire face (your eye area). Is perfect for night time use as well.
Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub: $28
This dual-action sloughing treatment combines Papaya enzymes and exfoliating beads to gently uncover fresh new layers of skin. Texture is visibly improved. Skin looks radiant and glowing.
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Skin Care & Primers
Satin Slip Primer: $35
This antioxident foundation primer is perfect for every skin type. Its high quality formula is infused with Vitamin A, D, and E. This primer seals in moisture, has silica (which soaks up sweat and oil), and help makeup last all day long. After using Satin Slip Primer, you'll never want to apply foundation without it! Amazing, thick, perfect consistency.
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Liquid Powder: $28
This is the perfect solution for people with oily skin, or people who have secrete oil often. This primers sucks up sweat and oil so you don't worry about your makeup disappearing through the day.
Papaya Enzyme Cleanser: $28
Description: Perfect foaming cleanser with a delicate papaya scent. Foams up to remove makeup and dirt beyond the surface of the skin. Perfect for all skin types.
Retexturizing Face Primer and Pore Perfecting Primer: $28
These beautiful, lightweight primers glide on and leave you feeling like you are not wearing anything underneath your makeup. The Retexturizing Face Primer is perfect for normal to dry skin types, and the Pore Perfecting Primer is amazing for normal to oily skin types.
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Hydrating Creme Extreme: $38
Perfect Day and Night Moisturizer for Normal to Dry Skin Types. This moisture whip is perfect for men and women, who need proper hydration. A studio favorite!
Shadow Base: $18
Want your shadows to last all day and provide a full pigment? This shadow base is transparent and works to keep color locked in place for crease-proof, all day wear.
Foundation & Concealer
Skincare & Primers
Blush, Bronzer, & Setting Powder
Eye Makeup Remover: $28
Simple THE BEST Eye Makeup Remover of the market! This eye makeup remover is gentle, but removes the toughest of makeup, like water proof mascara and gel eye liners. Don't tug at your most gentle area anymore, just use this remover with cotton swab and within seconds, all of your eye makeup will be completely removed.