Loose Translucent Powder: $24
Great loose powder formula that provides great staying power for all foundations and concealers. Shara's favorite setting powder. Great for all skin types.
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Blush, Bronzer, & Setting Powder
Bronzers: $28
Shara recommends only using matte bronzers, as shimmer all over the face will not give the desired shadowed effect. These bronzers will have you looking healthy and will shade the best areas of your face. Always remember to apply bronzer on the outside of your face, down your nose, and right on the cheekbone. Bronzers should be used with a Jumbo Powder Brush, or a Fan Brush.
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Pressed Mineral Blushes: $22
Perfect all mineral blush to give the apple of your cheek a bit of color and glow.
Blush on Blushes: $16
Wonderful full color blush, with mineral elements to make the apple of the cheek pop.
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Baked Pressed Powders: $32
Satin Glow Baked Powder and Mattebronze Baked Powder.
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Baked Blush: $18
Baked on Italian terra-cotta tiles, this powder blush has a silky smooth application and is luminous.
Foundation & Concealer
Skincare & Primers
Blush, Bronzer, & Setting Powder
Contouring Kit: $32

Our brand new and fabulous contouring kit, containing the perfect contour shade and also a beautiful highlight. The texture is so creamy and blends so nicely.
Invisible Blotting Powder: $28

An ideal, lightweight setting powder perfect for both setting your initial makeup and for quick touchups during the day.
Check Please: $38 (highlight palate)

Get your best glow yet with this beautiful highlight Palate, which included two neutral glows to use at the top of cheekbone and under the brow, and a perfect every day blush.