Eyeliner: $18
Highly pigmented, blendable liners. Great for creating a dramatic, smokey eye. These pencils will really make your eyes pop, and will make doing your eye makeup incredibly easy.

a) White Liner- Beautiful gliding white eyeliner, perfect for lining the inner rim of eye. Makes eyes appear larger.

b) Chocolate Powderliner Pencil- Gorgeous, blendable brown liner. Perfect for a smokey eye.

c) Coal Powderliner Pencil- The deepest black liner. Great for an intense smokey eye.

d) Ivy Gel Liner, Adorn Gel Liner, Majesty Gel Liner, Noir, Sienna, Mystic, Voyage, Baroque, Florentine Gel Liner- Waterproof Gel Liner in Pencil form. Our best selling formula! This pencil glides on with the drama of a gel pot. Instead of the messy gel pot application, you have complete control over the pencil liner. Sharpen as necessary.

e) Bronze Liner- Beautiful Creamy Bronze Liner to make the eye really Pop! Use the bronze liner with a combination of any bronze or neutral shadow for a beautiful subtle, yet dramatic look.
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Eye Shadows
$15-$22- Beautiful, Long lasting, Mineral Eyeshadows.
Mineral Shadows: $15
Beautiful Pressed Shadows with long staying power.
Pressed Eye Shadows: $22
These shadows blend beautifully, with just enough color to make your eyes pop.
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Lush Mascara: $22
In black, this lengthening mascara does not clump and is the ultimate in highlighting lashes. Does not flake! Natural formula, without tar.
Waterproof Mascara: $22
Waterproof version of Lush Mascara
Browgel: $18
Clear and colored browgels to set the eyebrows perfectly every day! Great finishing touch to healthy looking brows!
make_up_by_shara006015.jpg make_up_by_shara006014.jpg make_up_by_shara006013.jpg
Mineral Gems "AKA Fairy Dust": $18
These gorgeous, shimmery shadows will wow everyone! Dust a little of your favorite color mineral gem on your lid, and your eyes will be red carpet ready! The perfect, yet subtle way of dressing up your eye for more special occasions. It contains just the right amount of sparkle!
Large Shadow Pots: $18
These beautiful pigmented shadows will give just the right amount of pop to the eye
make_up_by_shara006009.jpg make_up_by_shara006008.jpg make_up_by_shara006007.jpg make_up_by_shara006006.jpg
Foundation & Concealer
Skincare & Primers
Blush, Bronzer, & Setting Powder
Luxury Mascara: $22
Brow Pencils: $25
Perfect precision brow products to create your beautifully shaped eyebrow. The colors are just so natural and spot on to really make your brows look spectacular.
Creme Shadows: $25
Achieve lots of great pigment through these amazing creme shadows. They are perfect when used alone, and also as a base for the power shadows.