Brushes- These very high quality brushes are sold at makeup stores for three time the amount and more! With proper care, your brushes can and will last for years. The right brushes make a huge difference. They will also make your application a lot more easy and pleasant. Blending has never been so much fun.
Kabuki Brush: $32
Perfect for applying mineral foundation
Large Shadow Flat Brush: $22
Great for tapping on lid colors
Flat Taklon Brush:$18
Perfect for applying liner and eyebrow color
Fan Brush: $22
Shara's favorite brush! Great for applying powder and bronzer
Chisel Blush Brush: $22
Great little blush brush
Jumbo Powder Brush: $30
Perfect for applying bronzer and blending blush
Foundation Brush: $28
Gives a flawless coverage for liquid foundation
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Medium Size Crease Brush: $18
The perfect brushes for applying color in windshield wiper to crease
Jumbo Eye Brush: $20
A jumbo blending eye brush for a flawless and natural shadow application
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Lip Brush: $18
Get the full long lasting color from your lipstick with this wonderful lip brush.
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Foundation & Concealer
Skincare & Primers
Blush, Bronzer, & Setting Powder
Concealer Brush: $18
The most flawless way of applying concealer is with this fabulous little brush.